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Operation & Maintenance

ACWS maintains a highly qualified workforce of certified operators, technicians and managers. Our teams have access to local operation centers gathering all support resources such as administration, maintenance technicians, human resources, information technology, technical expertise. This allows ACWS to meet the most stringent contingency requirements by ensuring a fast and effective response time 24/7 and resilience to our operations. We work with municipalities, military installations, utilities, consulting experts, contractors, developers, and private property owners to ensure cost effective and compliant operations of their infrastructures.

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water and wastewater systems services

  • Operation and Maintenance of Water Treatment Plant and Waste Water Treatment Plan (municipal, industrial)
  • Electricity/plumbing/general repairs and maintenance on mechanical equipments
  • Maintenance of water treatment, wastewater systems and related assets
  • Turnkey solutions with modular systems for both water and waste water systems
  • Emergency on-call services : need operators, flushing, vacuum trucks, etc. – We are here!

network Services

Sampling and monitoring

  • Lead campaign
  • Chlorine
  • Pesticides

Fire Hydrant

  • Fire Hydrant Inspection
  • Fire flow testing NFPA

Unidirectional flushing (UDF)

  • Creation of UDF sequences considering the WDS hydraulic parameters
  • Execution of the UDF sequences


  • Complete inspection of main valve (box and/or chamber)
  • Valve exercising program
  • GPS survey
  • Logging of all valve defects
  • Evaluation of the structural and mechanical condition of valve chambers
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Asset management & Specialized maintenance

ACWS understands that the repair, renewal and replacement of aging water and wastewater infrastructure is a major concern for local decision makers. Our teams have the knowledge and skills to assist our clients in making decisions on the maintenance, restoration or replacement of their assets. Our expertise is based on to best industry standards (AWWA, NASSCO, NFPA) and technological tools that provides accurate and reliable information for decision makers. Additionally, we can support our customers in structuring and planning Capital Asset Expenditure Plans.

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  • Leak Detection
    • With acoustic amplifier
    • With acoustic correlator
    • Pipe locating
  • Smoke testing
  • Zoom camera inspection
  • CCTV inspection
  • Sewer networks cleaning
  • Sewer flow services (flow and rain gauge monitoring)


  • Specialized maintenance of equipment
  • Capital planning
  • Remaining service life assessments
  • Development of maintenance program extending asset service life
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Technical assistance

Our team of multidisciplinary experts will assist you in all your water management challenges. Our in-house team of experts can provide innovative solutions to existing and new systems, leveraging more than 40 years of water management experiences. Additional, our wide presence and network of professional comprised consulting firms and other specialist providing complementary insights and know-how.

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technical SERVICES

  • Compliance audits
  • Training program for operators
  • Optimization of consumables related to water treatment (reduction of energy consumption, conducting chemical efficiency studies)
  • Commissioning of new network
  • Commissioning of new systems
  • Technical advisory on operation & maintenance
  • Replacement of certified operators


  • GIS Data collection and integration
  • Water meters reading and billing software selection and implementation
  • CMMS software selection and implementation
  • SCADA Assessment, update and cybersecurity audits
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649 The Parkway, Unit # 6
Peterborough, ON
K9J 7K2
(403) 932-4507

440 Laurier Avenue West, 2nd floor
Ottawa, ON
K1R 7X6

Bay 5 - 41070 Cook Road
Cochrane, AB
T4C 3A2
(416) 936-4617